Decorating your home is a wonderful opportunity to put a personal stamp on your windows. With so many great colours, designs and materials to choose from, the possibilities are endless. In addition to these choices, another consideration we want to add to your options to choose from — natural blinds. Through recycled materials and sourcing renewable resources, you can make an environmentally friendly choice for your window décor! Express your signature style using our handpicked favourites and learn how you can be more eco-friendly and energy efficient with your window treatments.

Decorating with the planet in mind

Giving your home a new look while making an Earth conscious decision may seem like a challenge, but it is possible! Between cooling the home naturally to selecting specialised material, you can match your needs with a smart solution. 

Choose blinds to control light, heat, and privacy naturally

The wonderful thing about blinds is that they are truly versatile. Add ‘environmentally friendly’ to the list and you have a winning window cover solution. Blinds are a wonderful way to cool your home during scorching summers. Through providing shade outdoors, assisting with airflow in the home and deflecting light, they make for an obvious choice. Achieving a comfortable home is even more possible through choosing natural blinds that are also a style statement on their own.

And choose these natural blinds for their material

Decorland is a proud supporter of locally manufactured products, which helps in reducing our overall carbon footprint. Additionally, these two fabulous blinds designs are made from materials that create a uniquely decorated space and align with our vision for your home.

New Durawood Venetian Blinds

natural blinds

Envisioning something sleek, elegant and rich in colour? Look no further than the contemporary, new, and natural look of real wood but with a more versatile material of Durawood Venetian Blinds in Mahogany. Composed of an environmentally friendly material, Durawood is a suitable choice for withstanding moisture, humidity and heat. This design allows for tilting slats to control your privacy and the amount of natural light entering your room. Get the right fit and welcome this dynamic delight to your home windows.

Bamboo Roll Up Blinds

natural blinds

Another natural blinds option, are none other than the Bamboo Roll Up Blinds. Choose from either a neutral Bamboo Roll Up in Grey White or the Bamboo Roll Up in Dark Brown to match your home theme and room aesthetics. Not only crafted in a beautiful weave that adds texture to any room, these blinds come from a renewable resource. 

Designed with natural fine bamboo slats, their neatly woven construction creates a roller blind offering authentic charm and elegance. When rolled down, they help to block out light and then easily roll up and store to let light in. Furthermore, they are easy to install and maintain as they have a genuine bamboo finish — a wonderfully dynamic material.

Bamboo presents a whole list of wonderful benefits for the home and the Earth. It is the fastest growing plant on Earth. With the plant reaching its full height in only 3 to 4 months, it is a wonderfully fast-growing material. In ideal conditions, it can achieve 3 feet in only 24 hours.

This lightweight material is surprisingly strong. Nicknamed ‘green steel’ in the manufacturing industry, bamboo has incredible strength and versatility. Bamboo is a naturally occurring antibacterial fibre and stores two times more carbon than trees, generating up to 30% more oxygen than most plants and trees. In addition to being the lungs of the Earth, they also have a firm footing. Their strong roots ground and stabilise soil, altogether a great solution for areas prone to erosion and landslide.

Let natural blinds echo your eco-friendly choices

May your window decorating journey be as marvellous as it is mindful. If you need help making the best choice for your natural blinds, explore our catalogue or contact us.