Who said your window coverings had to be purely decorative? Blinds provide so much more for the home than a pretty barrier between you and the outside world. These modern, low maintenance coverings make an effective DIY home cooling system when chosen and positioned correctly. The best news? Cooling your home naturally will help keep the electricity costs down. Sweat-free summers and more money to spend on window décor – it’s a double win. Time to wave discomfort goodbye and welcome cooler days with our brilliant blinds solutions.

Defeat summer heat with blinds

Finding relief from the summer heat is a real frustration, but it’s achievable – and without breaking the bank. First, you’ll need to take stock of your home and how it’s positioned to receive light throughout the day. Typically, rooms on the west side of the house tend to be the hottest, as they receive the full effects of the afternoon sun. But, east-facing rooms, particularly in hotter areas, might feel the heat early on thanks to the mid-morning rays. With this in mind, think about where you spend your time during the day. A west-facing living area might be wonderfully cool in the morning, but unbearable by late afternoon, hardly ideal for those wanting to relax after a long day. Are you ready to DIY your home cooling system with new blinds?

Indoor blinds for a natural home cooling system

In the height of summer, your home can either provide a necessary reprieve from the scorching heat or feel like a sauna you need to escape. Naturally, we all want our homes to be the former without having to have the air conditioning running full blast all day. Luckily, a task as simple as installing the right blinds can go a long way in bringing down the temperature indoors. You’re going to want to opt for a window covering that will help deflect light and heat. Take both the colour and the material of the blinds when finding the right fit for heat control. 

Lighter colours, such as white, cream, and pale shades, will all help reflect light away from your home’s interior, while dark colours will absorb the warmth inwards. The same principle applies when choosing the type of blind, wooden or vinyl blinds will be more effective in reflecting light away than metallic options. Explore our easy DIY window coverings to explore our range of indoor blinds.

Don’t forget to keep the breeze flowing

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While your choice of blinds will help keep the heat out, you’re also going to want to be strategic about keeping the air flowing. Simple, open the windows – right? Almost. Open the right windows. Remember, hot air rises, so you’ll want to lower windows to draw air in and higher windows to let it out. Use the direction of the wind to maximise this effect. If the wind is blowing in an easterly direction, open the bottom windows on the east side of your house, and the top windows on the west. This will help your natural home cooling system draw in cool air and expel warm air efficiently. If you’re not sure which way the wind is blowing, check the weather app on your phone, or simply look at the trees. You should be able to determine the wind direction by watching which way the leaves are moving.

Outdoor blinds for a natural home cooling system

Believe it or not, by controlling the space around your house, you will drastically reduce the heat surrounding and entering your home. From patios to pool decks, balconies and sunrooms, giving these outdoor areas an extra layer of protection from the sun will help keep your home’s interior a few degrees cooler. 

The world of possibilities with outdoor blinds is truly an exciting one. There is a range of different designs and heat-reflective materials to consider. Create the best home cooling system with these four outdoor blinds options:

1. Slide Track Drop Blinds

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Slide track drop blinds are an outdoor blinds solution, installed with tracks providing a sliding option and use a spring-loaded system. This design runs alongside two side tracks which guide the fabric up and down. The fabric gets held in place along the entire length of the blind and doesn’t require ropes, pulleys, zippers or straps. Preventing insects and leaks is so much easier with the sealing strip at the bottom of the blind. These simple blinds can even operate by using one hand. You can personalise your slide track drop blinds by choosing either manual or automated solutions, as well as motorising with either a fixed position switch or remote control.

2. Granada Drop Blinds

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Granada drop blinds provide a free-hanging crank controlled blinds option. Adjusting is a breeze by using a simple crank handle. These blinds can either get fitted with face or side aluminium guides to secure the blind to sidewalls or pillars. Additional attachments include a cassette box for blinds roll-up storage, and also carbine hooks and saddles to fasten to the floor. This option also can get motorised with either a fixed position switch or remote control operation.

3. Cordoba Drop Blinds

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Cordoba drop blinds are a free-hanging cord controlled blinds solution. These blinds come with a cord, with zip option. This design provides a cost-effective alternative to gear controlled blinds by using cords to operate the awning instead of a gearbox. Cordoba drop blinds can get fitted with side zips and aluminium strips to fit to the sidewall as well as joining zips to join two blinds together. You can choose either top fix or face fix to attach to the floor using a tension cleat. They can get made to fit a sloping recess area, with the option to include a PVC window.

4. Awnings

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Last but not least, awnings provide an ideal solution for enhancing and extending outdoor areas without compromising on space. This covering uses specialist fabric to reflect harmful UV rays, creating the ultimate solar protected environment. Not only do they set up a safe shaded area for your outdoor space, but they also help to keep your indoor area cool by reflecting the heat outside.

The awning’s components consist of aluminium and stainless steel to prevent rusting, and also comes with a warranty. This outdoor solution is easy to maintain and operates with a choice of manual and automated solutions.

Keep the heat in line with window blinds

We hope you enjoyed learning how blinds double as a home cooling system. If you require advice on style, customisation and the best options for you, contact our blinds experts today!