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Food, family and friends — the kitchen is the heart and hub of every home. Creating meals and memories, cooking and doing chores, this warm space requires Window Décor that is equally safe and functional while still meeting high standards.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Venetian Aluminium Blinds are made from a non-corrosive material, making them durable and resistant to fading, peeling or warping, and are water-resistant, perfect for any busy kitchen space. While they are easy to clean, they also offer light and privacy control in a range of colours and can be custom made, making them the stylish, economical and practical choice.

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PVC Venetian Blinds

Busy kitchens need blinds tough enough to withstand the daily hustle, while still matching an aesthetic seamlessly. Not only providing great value, but they are also lightweight and durable. PVC Venetian Blinds tolerate surface scratches well and are suitable for any room with high humidity and sunlight while being easy to clean and maintain.

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Fauxwood Blinds

Sturdy, cost-effective and the ideal choice for hot and humid environments, Fauxwood Blinds are a great fit for kitchens. This design offers the same premium look and style as wooden venetian blinds but are lighter and more durable than wood — perfect for busy kitchens.

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