Are you working on creating the ultimate home away from home for your guests? Look no further than this guide! We created this checklist to show you how to do it with a complete makeover approach, specifically for window treatments. Giving you everything to consider, we look at important hospitality courtesies to styling ideas, and more. Host in confidence, with peace of mind knowing you ticked all the boxes for your improved guest room.

Invite guests to stay in a room of inspiration

Planning for a new or upgraded guest room is possible with guidance in the right direction. To make it easier, use our specially designed tool to help you shop blinds by room. This guide will assist you with larger guest accommodations, like self-catering kitchens or guest bathrooms, and has great ideas for the rest of your home as well. Once you have decided on the ideal blind solution, use these transformation tips to create a room perfect for your bed-and-breakfast guests.

Treat your visitors to a quality guest room

Whether you are welcoming in family and friends or hosting a bed-and-breakfast venue, make sure all your guests feel warmly received. The best way to do this? By following these basic guidelines to complete the ideal window treatment.

Things to consider for your guest room

Providing light control

One of the first goals for your guest room window treatment makeover should prioritise — making your guests feel comfortable. To achieve this, providing adequate light control is an absolute must. Roller Blinds and Venetian Blinds are classic treatments that ensure your guests can rest undisturbed during those bright and early sunrises, as well as those pesky lights from bustling traffic. For a range of light filtering needs, we provide a complete range of options from our Blockout Roller Blinds to our Light Filtering and Room Darkening Roller Blinds, to our Zebra Roller Blinds

Our Blockout Roller Blinds are guaranteed to prevent light coming in during the day and the glare from street lights shining through at night. Blockout Roller Blinds are perfect for guests working on screens or late-night travellers needing a sleep-in and a soothing sense of solitude. Each design comes with its range of colours and customisation options to fit your window perfectly.

Privacy and security

For the ultimate sense of privacy and locations needing reinforced protection, Aluminium Security Shutters provide the ideal solution to meet style and safety with sleek elegance. To enquire how we can create the perfect customised shutter order, get a quote for your windows.

Keep it neutral, but coordinated

Guests want to come back to a visually pleasing room — one with a welcoming sense of styling, but neutral enough to not overwhelm the senses. To get this balance just right, explore our guide on colour coordination ideas for your window treatments. Colour matching is a central theme for any space as it informs your rooms and your furniture choice, but also how you define the mood of a space. This guide helps you bypass any confusion and gets right to providing the rules to navigate decorating.

In addition to designing by colour, you can easily achieve a theme with various window accessories to liven up your curtains. Think designing detail with Curtain Rods and Expanding Curtain Rod Sets in bronze, silver and metal finishes sculpted in balls, arrows, and twisted cages. Or securing your curtains with dazzling Tieback tassels or our range of designed Holdbacks in a variety of shapes from leaves, hooks, discs and more. Any look is achievable with this incredibly affordable range ready to transform your guest room windows instantly. 

Providing quality treatments that will last

Be sure to create your makeover with an assurance of quality to last for many years to come. Decorland provides affordable lasting quality, from our Shutters to Ready Made Blinds or Custom Made Blinds, to our modern Window Décor pieces like Curtain Holdback and Tiebacks, as well as our wide range of Finials and Expanding Rods. For simple solutions on a quick update, explore our All In One Sets to provide an instant makeover for any window. 

Keep it clean

Last, but not least — travelling these days requires a new level of reinforced cleanliness to meet sanitation and health compliances. Be sure to include cleaning your accommodation window treatments as part of your maintenance checklist. Use our expert cleaning guide for the best tips and tricks for blind cleaning.

To a happy host and even happier guests

With these guidelines to the best guest room makeover now tucked in your hosting toolbelt, your window treatments are sure to leave a lasting impression for years to come. For more ideas like these, subscribe to our newsletter to get regular Decorland insights and ideas sent straight to your inbox. For more advice or answers to any Window Décor questions, contact us.