Whether you are in tidy mode or planning to be, you came to the right place for advice on your blind cleaning endeavours! Achieving the best results efficiently requires the right methods and practices — and we have the best tips and tools for scrubbing your window coverings squeaky clean. Get ready for gleaming window décor and the refresh you were looking for.

blind cleaning

Get a fresh start with blind cleaning

Aspiring to have a clean home and knowing how to accomplish it are two very different things. For this reason, we want to help you with the best methods for blind cleaning. To start, if you are looking for ideas to spruce up your home, try our guide for a quick makeover. You may find these ideas on unlocking a fresh approach to your home inspiring for you, and your future guests.

Best methods for blind cleaning

Understanding the best practices for blind cleaning revolves around addressing the type of blinds you have, as each design and material requires a different approach. For handy tools specially designed to help dust flat blinds surfaces and get in between the slats, we recommend our range of cleaner wands. The microfibre blind cleaner is an excellent choice for slatted blinds, whereas the blinds and shutter wand cleaners are great for multiple indoor blinds designs.

Roller Blinds

We have a wide variety of roller blinds, from blockout material roller blinds to bamboo roller blinds. It is best to perform your blind cleaning session on a warm, sunny day to enhance the drying process, or have a fan nearby. The best method for cleaning roller blinds includes: 

  1. Let out your roller blinds down fully to expose all of the fabric or bamboo.
  1. Use either a vacuum, one ideally fitted with a brush tip nozzle to vacuum over the entire surface of the blind (both front and back) or the handy wand cleaners to remove the first layer of dust.
  1. If there is any debris, hardened matter or difficult stains, use a damp cloth to remove any stubborn remnants from the roller blind. Instead of using harsh chemicals, try a light detergent and apply with a sponge. Wipe with the grain of your blinds, and along the weave of your bamboo blinds.
  1. After a light rinse to wipe away the excess cleaning solution, allow the roller blinds to fully dry before you pull them back up.

Venetian Blinds

Wooden Blinds

For wooden products, which may or may not be sealed, excessive moisture can lead to warping and or discolouration. It is best practice to avoid washing wooden blinds or cleaning them with a wet cloth.

  1. Start by tilting the slats up and then down when dusting.  
  1. Clean with a soft dust cloth, feather duster or vacuum brush, or with our recommended microfibre wand.
  1. For added assistance, use wooden preservative cleaners for your wooden blinds.

Aluminium and PVC Blinds

As our Aluminium Venetian Blinds and our PVC Venetian Blinds have smooth surfaces, they are one of the easier blinds to clean. 

To keep your blinds secured in their position, start by tilting slats up and then down when cleaning. Move your cleaning tool from side to side and ensure that you follow the direction of the slats to avoid damaging the blinds. Our microfibre wand is perfect to achieve this particular step, as well as any soft dust cloths, feather dusters, or vacuum brush tips for dusting.

For the tough to remove dirt, these blinds can get placed in a bathtub filled with mild, soapy water and cleaned with a sponge or damp cloth. After rinsing and wiping them dry thoroughly, leave them open to air dry.

Outdoor Blinds

Your outdoor blinds will require a little more maintenance than your indoor blinds due to exposure to weather conditions and temperatures. Caring for these blinds involves watching out for windy weather, damage like rips or tears, and also cleaning if there are animal droppings hardened or staining the material.

For windy days, although outdoor blinds get built to protect from lighter winds, whereas heavy winds will cause damage. Before heavier weather rolls in, be sure to check if your blinds are wet and then proceed if they are dry to roll them up. Rolling up wet blinds will damage the material and affect the longevity of your blinds over time. It is also good practice to roll them up before nighttime in the event a storm occurs whilst you are asleep. For the lighter winds, be sure to tie off drop blinds properly so not to cause damage. 

Furthermore, cleaning outdoors blinds depends on the fabric. For PVC outdoor blinds, avoid using products and cleaning aids which may cause abrasion and scratching. Instead, use a water hose on PVC blinds to squirt and remove debris stuck on, and then let air dry. If you need faster results, use a clean, soft chamois to dry the surface. Afterwards, take a soft fluffy microfibre cloth to remove any leftover residue for a complete clean and dry. Be sure to allow the material to completely dry before rolling up and storing again. Additionally, caring for the tracks of your slide track drop blinds is an important routine to remember. Be sure to keep tracks clear of debris — brush either with a soft bristle broom or wipe with a soft cloth. Afterwards, apply a silicone spray at least once a month.

Oh, that satisfying clean window décor sheen

We hope you found this guide for both outdoor and indoor blind cleaning best care practices helpful. If you need to upgrade your old window coverings with new low-maintenance blinds, browse our products online or find a store near you.