Lockdown has us all spending a lot more time at home. But don’t let this dampen your spirits. This is the perfect time to be proactive and transform your home interior. A fresh look can bring about a fresh perspective and fresh attitude – something we all need during this trying time. So with this in mind, we ask, how do you feel about embarking on a home makeover journey? If you’re keen, take a look at these inspiring tips for transforming your home and cleaning up your personal space – without spending a cent!

DIY home makeover tips:

1. Clean up your act

What’s the first step of any home makeover? You guessed it – cleaning up each room. And by cleaning up, we don’t mean dusting away the cobwebs (although, that may be necessary), we mean sorting through things and getting rid of odds and ends that aren’t important, and at the end of the day, just create clutter. So clear out that pantry, set old clothes aside to donate, and recycle those old newspapers and magazines. It may be tedious work, but boy is it worth it.

Once your home is clutter-free, you can take a look around to see if there’s anything that needs a spring clean. Like your cushion covers, rugs, curtains, and blinds. Yes, yes, we know. They can be a pain to clean. But in the case of blinds, this is only true if you go through the effort of taking them off the wall first. And the good news is, this really isn’t necessary. If you have blinds in your home, here’s how you can go about cleaning them hanging up:

Step 1: Dust the blinds down or vacuum them

Step 2: Fill a bowl with warm water and a squirt of dishwashing liquid 

Step 3: Dip a cloth in the bowl and wring it out

Step 4: Wipe down each blind, starting at the top and moving your way down. You might want to take out the old step ladder for this part! (If you want to save time wiping the blinds down, you can wrap the cloth around a pair of braai tongs, and grip and slide them down each blind to clean the tops and bottoms simultaneously. Or better yet, invest in a Decorland Blind Cleaning Wand.)

2. Reimagine the space

So, now that your home is looking minimalist and majestic, it’s time to put on your thinking hat. Ask yourself, what can you do to reinvent the place? Move your couch to the opposite side of the room? Hang up some paintings that you’ve got sitting in the garage? Swap your curtains around so your rooms have an entirely new look and feel? This is an opportunity to get creative and play around with the objects in your home until you’ve created an interior masterpiece. Here are some ideas for you to consider as you go:

Keep the focal point of the room in mind

When moving furniture about, consider any focal points, as these may influence the layout of your rooms. For example, the focal point may be a fireplace, a large coffee table, or a kitchen island. Whatever it is, make sure it is still accessible and functional in your home makeover design. 

Make sure the space is welcoming 

After repositioning objects and décor pieces, take a step back and see if the space feels spacious and welcoming. Is there a couch blocking the entrance to the room? An oversized pot plant preventing conversation at the dinner table? When redesigning your home interior, make sure everything still works as it should and that each room invites people in. 

Create zones for different indoor activities

If you and your family members are spending a lot of time at home, it only makes sense to set up your living area to accommodate for that. For example, place enough chairs around the fireplace so everyone can sit around it and join the conversation. Leave enough space on the kitchen table for that puzzle you’re busy with. Move cushions and bean bags to the bay window in your lounge area to create a reading nook. There is so much you can do to encourage activity in a space, so have fun with it. Just make sure you set up the ‘activity zones’ according to your family’s interests.  

3. Add the final touches

Now that your interior is looking beautiful and inviting, and is a joy to spend time in, you can finish off your home makeover with some beautiful final touches. Décor pieces like candles can set a calm and cosy mood on chilly days, so lay some out and light them up when you’re winding down in the evenings. And if you’ve got some colourful flowers growing out back, pick some and put them in vases to display around your house. You’ll find the pop of colour they introduce really livens up the space.

Ready for a home makeover?

If your home’s look and feel is just not doing it for you anymore, give it a refresh with our home makeover tips. And if you are looking to make some home improvements after the lockdown, consider your windows. A simple curtain or blind addition can transform your home in an instant. If you’re interested, browse through our catalogue for inspiration. And if you are looking for something custom-made, why wait until after lockdown? Give us a call today for a quote.