It’s that time of year again. The holidays are fast approaching and the new year is well on its way. Get ahead of your to-do list and start your home renovation projects. Freshening up with the most affordable, quality materials available couldn’t make decorating your windows any easier. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to see a transformation in your home with these window décor ideas.

home renovation

Create a window sensation with a simple home DIY Project

Reimagine the possibilities in your home over the holidays. Invest some DIY time into your home now to start the new year off with a fresh look. We have created a fabulous resource for selecting Curtain Rods for each room to help you get started. Learn about rod options and how to create your own signature look. Choose from standard rods, double and single rod and rod sets, wrap-around rods, wire or cable rods, tension rods and expanding rods. With all these variations, you are spoilt for choice.

Home renovation: creating a window wonderland

Enter a home decorators dream with this wide array of décor and accessories to achieve the home renovation you have always wanted.

Easy elegance with rods and tracks

For great inspiration, explore an endless selection of Rods and Tracks, and delve into the world of Finials. Envision lustrous metallic finishes sculpted in gorgeously crafted balls, twists, spirals, flutes, fleur-de-lis and more. Your DIY with tasteful window décor project will give your interior a facelift that will be the envy of your friends, all at an affordable price.

Instant makeover with all-in-one kits

Add the title jack-of-all-trades to your name, when you take home the All-in-One Curtain and Rod Sets. Renovate and style windows with the simplicity of these prepared packs. Each kit includes an expanding steel pole, two finials, three brackets, and two eyelet curtains. Choose your favourite colour kit, from modern silver to a natural tan, earthy stone or a calming cream. These all-in-one kits provide the ideal window covering solution, while being easy to install. Home renovation couldn’t be easier or more convenient with these All in One Curtain and Rod Set solutions.

Timeless blinds

Lastly, give your windows the treatment they deserve with a wide choice of affordable blinds. Choose between Ready-Made or Custom-Made Blinds to give your home an instant upgrade. Blinds come in ranges of Aluminium, PVC Venetian, Basswood, Fauxwood, Roller and Bamboo Blinds. Each range comes in a large collection of colours and materials, and provide your home with optimum heating and lighting control. You will not only enjoy the lovely new aesthetic but also a reduction in heating and cooling costs. A very merry holiday and new year ahead indeed.

Happy home, happier holidays

We wish you and your family all the best on your home renovation adventure. For more ideas on how to give your windows the refreshing upgrade they deserve, explore our range statement catalogue or contact us.