The right curtains can take a room from ‘okay’ to ‘wow’ in an instant. And when you pair them with the right curtain rods, you can be sure your home décor will be the talk of the town. If you’re in the mood for some home improvement, take a read through this blog post (and our catalogue) for curtain rod inspiration.  

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5 steps to beautiful curtain rods:

Step 1: Determine your ideal curtain rod length

Before you select curtain rods for a room, you first need to determine the size of its windows. So, get out that measuring tape! Your curtain rods should extend about 15cm beyond the window frame, on either side for a balanced look. Our wooden and steel curtain rods come in a wide array of sizes and diameters, so explore our selection to find your perfect fit.

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Step 2: Consider rod diameter and style

When picking out a curtain rod, the first thing to consider is the look you want to create in the room. For example, modern, classic, minimalistic, or bold. Secondly, the rod you select should be suitable for the type of curtains you want to use. Thick, heavy curtains, for example, will require a pole diameter that can support the weight of the heavier material. Lastly, the rod you select should have a diameter that is proportionate to the style of curtain you want, and the window size in the room. For example, medium blockout eyelet curtains look great on a 25mm pole, and a 3m window will look better with a 32mm diameter pole rather than a skinny 19mm diameter pole.

The rod types listed below are the most common. We suggest you familiarise yourself with them to make an informed decision about your rod purchase.

  • Standard rods: These common rods are the preferred choice for most curtain materials. 
  • Combination rods: These are used to combine two window coverings for a layered effect. 
  • Wrap-around rods: These U-shaped rods wrap around the edges of windows, covering them completely. (Ideal for black-out curtains.)
  • Wire or cable rods: These can be curved or angled, and are suitable for lightweight curtain materials. 
  • Tension or spring rods: These are used for small windows where normal curtain rods and brackets cannot be installed. They are suitable for lightweight curtains.
  • Expanding rods: These are used when the width of the window is unknown. Two sections of rod slide into one another for adjustability and a perfect fit. (Explore our range.)
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Step 3: Choose between wood or steel

Wood and steel both have their merits. With wood, you get a beautiful, classic aesthetic, classing up your home interior. Steel curtain rods are durable and consistent over time. They also come in a variety of colours, so you can match them directly to your room décor and furniture. 

Step 4: Pick your curtain rod colour

Now for some fun! The colour of your curtain rods can either blend in with the room or make a statement. To blend your curtain rods into their surroundings, choose ones that match the colour of your drapery, or the ceiling of the room. Blending colours together can deliver a polished and clean look, and even make your space appear bigger. For example, pairing white rods with white sheer curtains creates a light, airy effect.

If you’d rather opt for statement curtain rods, choose a rod that will pick up the darker tones in the room. For example, if you have a mahogany headboard in your bedroom, investing in sleek mahogany curtain rods will emphasise the dark hue, creating contrast, and a timeless look. Alternatively, you can experiment with metallic-looking rods in bronze, gold, or silver when adding interest to a space. Choose contrasting black or silver for a chic, modern look, or gold tones for a classic, sophisticated look. (Choose curtain rods from our range of colours.)

Step 5: Select your curtain rod finials

The final touches to your new curtain rods, decorative finials can elevate a room’s appearance, giving it an added pop of elegance and sophistication. Do you fancy an ornate look? If so, consider glass and marble fittings. Are you leaning more toward simplicity? Then opt for a simple ball finial in the colour and finish of your choice. There’s a lock for every key, and a finial for every décor style. So, keep it intuitive, and pick out the finials that fit most naturally with the room. And for the final touch – match your finials with a pair of holdbacks, allowing maximum light to flow through the room. (Discover matching finials and accessories for Decorland rods).  

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Curtain Rod Finial

Purchase your new curtain rods today

Now that you’ve got the right sort of curtain rods in mind for your home improvement project, all you need to do is source them. Explore our broad range of curtain rods in all shapes, sizes, and colours here. Or stop by our store and chat with one of our dedicated décor experts for advice on which rod would be best.

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