Blinds or curtains? Or blinds and curtains? Whichever way you’re leaning for your room makeover, remember there is more to consider than just aesthetics. After all, window décor does more than just look pretty, right? Take a look at the various benefits of blinds and curtains below, and when you’re ready, explore our online catalogue to find the perfect match for your living space.

blinds and curtains

The many benefits of blinds and curtains 


Greater light control, less installation and maintenance hassle

With blinds, you can adjust the level of daylight that enters the room, and tailor it to your preference. For example, slatted Venetian Blinds block out harsh rays while letting in just enough light for day-to-day activities. And Roller Blinds block out the light completely, helping you sleep in on those lazy weekend mornings. Blinds can also be custom-made, so you can install fittings that fit your exact window dimensions. Convenient, right? Another major benefit of blinds – they are easy to clean, with many varieties requiring only a simple wipe with a cloth to look as good as new. You can also leave blinds hanging during the cleaning process, which makes them even more convenient to maintain. Click here to learn more about cleaning blinds.

Make a room appear larger and don’t fade as much

Blinds are usually made from durable materials, like aluminium, so you won’t need to worry about your stylish new fittings fading in the sun. Another fantastic benefit of blinds is that their recessed nature makes a room appear larger. And when folded away, they take up hardly any space at all! This is a particularly useful feature in smaller rooms when every bit of space counts. (A great choice for apartments and flatlets.)

blinds in a kitchen


Endless design options and fast installation

Curtains add a certain grandeur to a room. And their customisable nature allows you to dress your room up as much as you please. Just think of the endless fabric and texture options available today – not to mention the broad selection of Curtain Rods, Finials, and Holdbacks we have in-store. What’s more, curtains don’t require a custom fit. You position them to overlap the edge of the window, which makes the installation process super quick and convenient.

curtains in a living room
Curtain interior decoration in the living room with sunlight

Blinds and curtains:

More control over room sound and temperature

Not only are blinds and curtains great for blocking out light, but they are great for blocking out sound too. Depending on the material and whether they are lined or not, both blinds and curtains can act as effective sound buffers, dimming down the noise from the outside world so the room is quieter and more peaceful.

Another benefit of these window coverings is that they can warm and cool a space. The material helps keep heat in or out, allowing for cooler rooms in summer and warmer rooms in winter. You can also double the barrier and your lighting options by installing curtains over blinds. Talk about a win-win!

blinds in a lounge setting

Are you ready to install new blinds and curtains?

Blinds and curtains offer many benefits, transforming your home interior visually and functionally. Explore our Blinds, Curtain Rods and Accessories online, and order the fittings that best suit your home. Alternatively, you can flip through our catalogue for some window décor inspiration before making your decision. You might find that you end up choosing the opposite of what you originally thought!