When it comes to decorating windows or adding blinds to your home, many people often make the mistake of solely focusing on aesthetics when functionality is just as crucial. So whether it’s choosing the wrong materials or placing blinds in an odd spot, there are multiple factors we need to consider. We’ve listed four common mistakes to avoid to ensure you carefully consider things like budget, style, and functionality. 

Close up of roller blinds that are open halfway

1. Deciding on window décor that just doesn’t work

While window décor adds a touch of elegance to any room, it’s important to choose a style that works for that specific space. For example, Blockout Blinds are best suited for areas such as bedrooms and offices, while Shutters are ideal in lounges and kitchens. It all depends on the room’s needs, design, and lighting requirements.

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Common mistakes that people often make when it comes to choosing window décor: 

Impulsive decision-making: quickly grabbing something that looks eye-catching without taking into consideration space and function.  

Conflicting style: not choosing a style or theme that matches current décor. This can result in a bit of a disjointed and unappealing look throughout.

Attention to detail: a lack of attention to detail could mean choosing a style that affects lighting, privacy, and even the wrong measurements. 

Lady measuring height of a window with a tape measure while holding fabric swatches

2. The wrong height

Window coverings that are too low can make a space look smaller and cramped, while ones that are too high create a look and feel that seems unbalanced and awkward. This is why it is important to get the right measurements and placements for every room, no matter how big or small they may be. 

In addition, when you hang your window décor at the right height, it significantly affects privacy and lighting. If it’s too low, your privacy may be compromised, and if it’s too high, it might let in too much light. 

So if you’re not feeling confident when it comes to taking your measurements or where to place your window décor, you can always contact Decorland’s expert consultants to do a FREE in-home measurement for you. 

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Dining room table and chairs with plants and blinds in the background

3. Overcrowding 

Window coverings should always complement a room; they should never feel overbearing. If a window is already a focal point, adding too many layers or a heavy blind can make it overwhelming. Plus, it could interfere with ‌function. For example, if you layer too many curtain rods and curtains, they may not open or close properly, and the room will feel heavy.

Another aspect to consider is cost. There’s no need to add additional/extra layers to your window, as this can be unnecessarily expensive. 

Therefore, when selecting window coverings, it’s essential to consider the room’s overall aesthetic and balance while still choosing high-quality products to avoid over-layering. 

Yellow and green room decor showcasing light green roller blinds and leaf patterned curtains

4. Ignoring a window’s shape

This may seem obvious, but not all window coverings suit every window shape. For example, square-shaped blinds might not look the best on a circular-shaped window. Therefore, to ensure you get the perfect fit, custom cut your design with Decorland’s Made to Measure and Express Custom Made options. 

Express Custom Made – If your living space needs a designer touch for half the price in half the time, then this is a real winner. Whether you have an oddly shaped window or just need a specifically sized product, you can take your pick from our extensive range of styles and finishes either in-store or online and have it custom-cut to your exact specifications. Plus, it will be shipped from our factory within 48 hours, guaranteed.

Made To Measure – Got something specific in mind? Our Made To Measure option can create a unique design just for you. This means you get to choose a product from our extensive range of premium blinds and completely make it your own—from thousands of styles, colours, materials, and finishes to choose from, you’ll have full control when it comes to designing your ideal window treatment.

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In conclusion, avoiding these common window décor mistakes can help create a seamless, cohesive, and functional look and feel. For all your window covering needs, you can call us on 0800 002635, visit your nearest Game Store or visit us online today. 

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