They say that the smallest things can make the biggest difference and we couldn’t agree more. When it comes to adding personal touches, making subtle statements and pulling a room together, you can always rely on the elegance of Decorland’s wide selection of Tiebacks, Holdbacks and various Accessories. From classic clean-cut forms to decorative and extravagant details, there’s something for every style to add the perfect finishing touch to your home.

Thinking convenience? Think tiebacks

In addition to our Tiebacks adding plenty of style to a space, they also provide you with a number of functional benefits which makes them a must-have for any set of window treatments. These include controlling light and privacy, making sure your curtains stay in place, helping them stay clean, reducing the overall wear and tear and giving you the opportunity to easily swap them out. As Tiebacks are usually made from soft and flexible materials like cord, rope and cloth – they’re guaranteed to last you a long time and can be easily stored away. You can also find the perfect colour to match your aesthetic online or in-store.

manage your curtains with tiebacks from decorland

Don’t hold back on style

When it comes to elegance, our Holdbacks go over and above. They have the unique ability to transform a space into something timeless, elegant and seamless. Every time you draw your curtains, you’re beautifully complementing the rest of the room. From rich browns and warm bronzes to natural shapes and modern finishes, you have plenty of options to choose from. With our Holdbacks being made from rigid materials such as metal or wood, you can always rely on them being extremely durable and reliable.

Always accessorise

Once you’ve found the perfect pair of Tiebacks or Holdbacks, you can start accessorising. Whether it’s easy gliding rings or seamless rods, it’s always easy to look for something that complements the rest of your décor or curtains. This could be a similar style/colour/finish. From sleek and classy to vibrant and statement-making, we’ve got a wide range for you to elevate your windows and create the space of your dreams.

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